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Well-turned out and well adjusted pupils are not the products of a stressful pressure cooker but of a mixed, unbroken journey in a glorious setting.


With a rich history as the pioneers of educational change, we are both forward looking and rooted, dynamic and yet caring. Through our rigorous and imaginative curriculum, we engender in our pupils the courage and ambition which they will need to succeed. At the same time, our fierce commitment to outstanding pastoral care means that our pupils are generous and self-aware, ready to make a positive contribution to the societies of tomorrow. We hope you will be inspired by all you read and we look forward to welcoming you to our School. Christopher J Wolsey Headmaster to Ibstock

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A Joyful,



Each child’s individual wellbeing is central to all that we do.

We are a listening school, nurturing happiness through a proactive pastoral care system that is threaded throughout school life. At Ibstock, we promote kindness and respect for one another. We encourage and support pupils to be their most authentic self. Championing co-education since our founding in 1894, we have created a diverse environment that reflects real-world communities and workplaces. By learning together, pupils of any gender collaborate and celebrate their differences as well as their similarities, helping them to thrive in later life.

Pupil voice is very strong at the school... SCHOOL INSPECTOR, 2022

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place to flourish An inspiring

With an urban location and a beautiful botanical feel, Ibstock is the perfect home for scholarly exploration and adventure. Our eight-acre setting is an open, harmonious environment enjoyed by pupils from Kindergarten to Sixth Form. The school’s diverse campus comprises beautifully landscaped gardens and contrasting wilder woodland areas. The open spaces of Richmond Park adjacent to our school, are used for a variety of school activities ranging from The Great House Run to Pre-Prep trips to Holly Lodge.

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The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent. SCHOOL INSPECTOR, 2022


Ibstock inspires curious thinkers who share a thirst for knowledge. We deliver a future full of promise, unlocking each child’s potential, and providing an education that nurtures academic rigour, intelligence, and inquiry. Our School is committed to providing outstanding teaching for ambitious learning. Delivering this is a team of teaching staff who are passionate about creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment. At each stage of learning through school, pupils are supported and challenged to adapt to the unfamiliar, and prepared to navigate confidently our modern and globalised world.

to achieve

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Pupils display a highly developed sense of social awareness... SCHOOL INSPECTOR, 2022

in kindness

United by kindness, pupils at Ibstock develop a grounded appreciation for the wider world and recognise the unique opportunities available to them. Our global outlook ensures that we inspire an energetic passion within our pupils to make the world a better place. Pupils learn about themselves and the world together, whether supporting local charities, running our African, Caribbean, and Asian heritage and their Allies Society (ACAAS), or publishing ‘TheWall,’ our award-winning student magazine. Our entire school is rooted within the local community, with deep links to partner organisations. Pupils regularly take part in activities beyond our school walls and we offer our facilities to support a number of educational causes and partner state schools. Recent community initiatives have included contributing to a local street art exhibition, building a community garden on the Alton Estate and producing and hosting a street band performance. We are proud to have an enduring partnership with Rackets Cubed, a charity that delivers integrated STEM education, racket sports and nutrition programmes. As well as being a host site for these sessions, Ibstock holds regular donation drives to provide essential items, delivered by the charity to those who need it most. Our partnership with Spencer Lynx Hockey Club involves our Sixth Form volunteers running a hockey club for local primary school children. The club aims to improve pupil confidence and fitness and forms part of our extensive partnerships programme, deepening existing relationships with local community groups.

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Feet on the

With their feet on the ground and their eyes on the future, an Ibstock pupil is poised to seize life’s opportunities and emblazon their own positive mark on the world. Our pupils are taught that learning is for life, not just for school. We instil in them a dynamic mindset and agility of thought, which allows them to remain flexible and responsive in an ever-changing world. Generous by nature, our pupils retain a strong connection to the school long after they depart, seeking to further inspire the next generation. We maintain strong links with former pupils who offer up-to-date knowledge of life across many university campuses and share their experiences of working life. A supportive alumni community of Old Ibstonians welcomes former pupils. Our online networking platform known as ‘The Stocks’ facilitates opportunities to create and rekindle memories and forge connections, alongside an annual programme of events. ground

Eyes on the

Ibstock helped me achieve the grades I needed to get into my course at Durham, but more importantly it helped me to explore my interests and talents. JAMES, ALUMNI


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Every child who joins us will have a unique journey. We celebrate this and strive to help every pupil to thrive and find happiness here. Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Our holistic approach to the academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of pupils is threaded throughout school life. Pastoral care is tailored to the developmental stages of our pupils as they progress from childhood through adolescence to young adulthood. Supporting them is our integrated network of class teachers, subject teachers, Heads of Houses, professional on-site counsellors, school nurse and senior pastoral team.

The strong positive pastoral provision... is excellent across the school. SCHOOL INSPECTOR, 2022

Positive wellbeing is promoted through a proactive programme of lessons, workshops and talks, tailored to each stage of our pupils’ development. This includes our Role Models programme in the Prep School and our immersive Lyfta resilience and empathy programme for Year 11. We understand that modern parenting can be full of challenges and offer access to an online parenting hub and series of talks for parents throughout the year, which dovetails with our Foundations (PSHE) Programme for pupils. Ibstock’s award-winning in-house catering team prides itself on sourcing the very best fresh seasonal ingredients for school meals. On the doorstep of Richmond Park, the School’s blossoming kitchen garden cultivates a range of herbs and vegetables used in the kitchen and cookery classes. Our beehives produce their own unique honey blend, used in the school kitchen for salad dressings, roasted root vegetables and muffins. Through our Senior School curriculum cookery classes we aim to equip pupils with practical skills to prepare healthy meals.

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First Class Facilities Our School is centred around The Orchard, which plays host to outdoor concerts, debates and recreational activities.

Ibstock’s magnificent main theatre comprises a stage, auditorium and gallery with seating for up to 250. Facilities include an orchestra pit, extensive foyer areas, green room and dressing rooms. With two further studio theatres and two full-time theatre technicians, we offer outstanding opportunities for pupils, whether centre stage or behind the scenes. A brand new Innovation Centre is equipped with the latest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices. The centre includes a recording studio for podcasting and audio editing, a green screen stage for video production and motion capture as well as a sector-leading Esports Arena. Numerous art, design and technology studios, innovative ‘armadilla’ music practice pods and IT suites complete the first-class facilities available at our School.

The Main House building, constructed in 1913, blends seamlessly with the New School buildings. Our impressive modern, wood-panelled refectory won a RIBA London Award 2022 and a RIBA National Award 2022 and is enjoyed by pupils of all ages for daily lunches and assemblies. Our spacious on-site sports facilities include a large indoor sports hall, multi-use-games-area, two football/rugby pitches, swimming pool and brand-new climbing wall. In addition, Ibstock enjoys regular use of nearby facilities at Barn Elms Sports Trust and Centre, The Roehampton Cricket Club and the All England Lawn Tennis Club. The expansive glass-fronted Senior Library is arranged over two floors and is a haven for private study and reading. Overseen by our specialist Librarian, it boasts an impressive and diverse collection alongside subscriptions to online journals and periodicals.

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Our School Culture

We strive to make each pupil feel at home.

The House system is an integral part of school life, from Year 3 through to Sixth Form. Our House system creates opportunities for pupils of different ages to connect and collaborate across a range of sports, arts, personal development and social activities, engendering a strong sense of belonging. At Senior School, annual House competitions are amongst the most anticipated events of the year, with everyone getting involved in the fun. In the Prep School, pupils earn points for their House in a variety of ways, with weekly House points announced at Friday Celebration Assembly alongside pupil ‘Star of TheWeek’ and other special mentions for effort.

Listening and Leadership

Our pupils help shape our school now and in years to come. A range of leadership and listening opportunities for all ages serve to develop key skills for pupils and strengthen our Ibstock community. At the Prep School, two pupils from each class are elected by their peers to be School Council representatives each term, with feedback and ideas discussed with staff at regular meetings. In Senior School, pupils can represent their tutor group on the House Council or become part of a specialist committee such as the Digital Resilience Committee, Catering Committee or Safeguarding Advisory Group. Mentoring opportunities throughout the School facilitate collaboration and teamwork, with older pupils providing inspiration and support to those in younger year groups. Sixth Form Equality Ambassadors mentor younger pupils to ensure that gender equality is at the heart of our co-educational School. Prep School Sport, Art, Environment andWellbeing Prefects provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and encourage every pupil to live well.

Pupils are driven by a 'can-do' culture. SCHOOL INSPECTOR, 2022

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Pre-Prep School Ages 4-7

Our pupils are taught that learning is for life, not just for school. Our family of specialist teaching staff are passionate about unlocking each child’s potential, creating an exceptionally supportive learning environment. From Kindergarten, pupils enjoy specialist teaching in subjects including Art, Design & Technology, Music & Creative Arts and Sports, and the use of first-class facilities including our award-winning refectory, theatre, swimming pool, music rooms and sports pitches.

Be kind, be curious, be courageous.

Lots of outdoor learning, especially early on – we saw be-wellingtoned year 1s off to forest school across muddy ground in own Bluebell Woods, undaunted by the rain. We aim to take advantage of our beautiful campus grounds, Bluebell Woods Forest School and proximity to Richmond Park whenever possible. Outdoor reading, Art and Science lessons are a regular occurrence and termlyWellbeingWalks for each year group take place in Richmond Park. The ‘Richmond Park’ themed Pre-Prep library is overseen by our Librarian, with an impressive and diverse collection to encourage a love of reading.


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Prep School Ages 7-11 Our specialist Prep School facilities are designed with children in mind.

Our facilities include a purpose-built classroom building, a science lab, art studio, music studio and a library. A landscaped outdoor space provides ample play areas for children to run around in the fresh air. The Prep School also enjoys use of facilities such as the multi award-winning refectory, theatre, swimming pool, music rooms and sports fields.

Pupils at Ibstock Place are certainly nurtured to thrive. TALK EDUCATION 2023

Sports Our termly games programme provides an exciting curriculum and competitive opportunities in football, hockey, rugby, cricket and athletics for boys and football, hockey, netball, cricket and athletics for girls. The PE curriculum enables gymnastics, health-related fitness and swimming to form part of the weekly timetable for all pupils.

Music and Creative Arts

opportunities for pupils to practise their performance skills throughout the year, including informal teatime concerts, termly concerts and special events such as the Carol Concert and Prize Giving. Drama and dance lessons are given throughout the academic year as part of our Creative Arts programme. Each year group has the opportunity to showcase their performance skills to parents, with the end of-year theatrical productions being a particular highlight. The Year 6 production is highly anticipated by our pupils, being rehearsed and performed in our state of-the-art theatre.

We give our pupils the opportunity to create, perform and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres and traditions. In providing as much exposure and enjoyment as possible, we help them to experience music in all its vibrancy and variety. Outside of the classroom there are lots of ways for pupils to get involved in music at Ibstock, from String Ensembles to the Big Sing, and Rock Bands to Ukulele Singer-Songwriters. Through our dedicated team of over 15 visiting music teachers, pupils can learn an array of instruments from Year 3, alongside a specialist string scheme introduced in Year 2. There are many

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Wrap-Around Care Through partnership with Platform Sports Coaching, we can provide extended care for your child from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm each day. The Platform Breakfast and Platform After School Clubs offer a healthy breakfast or substantial afternoon snack and a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Co-Curricular Activities Our Prep School offers a wide range of clubs and societies, with over 90 options to choose from each week. The majority of clubs are held after school and include Coding, Art, Sport, English Speaking Board, Musical Theatre and Karate. Trips and Visits We believe that trips play a vital role in the education of pupils and support their experiential learning. A variety of day trips are scheduled throughout the school year, with Year 5 and 6 enjoying a highly anticipated residential trip in the summer term. Previous destinations have included Devon, Wales and the Isle of Wight.

Art, Design & Technology Art and Design & Technology are generously timetabled and taught in a dedicated studio by a specialist teacher. Pupils are encouraged to view their Art and Design lessons beyond just the learning of technical skills and knowledge, but as an opportunity to express themselves imaginatively and develop their core understanding of the diverse world around them. Creative co-curricular clubs include Arts Club, Clay Club, ArtVenture and Craft Club. Our annual Prep Arts Show provides opportunity for all pupils to exhibit their artwork to family and friends in a supportive and celebratory environment.

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I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 2 5

Senior School Ages 11-16 Whether your child is moving up from our Prep School or joining us from another school, you will find a warm and friendly environment with much to offer. At our Senior School you will find a wide array of co-curricular activities to choose from, deep links to the local community and first-class teaching to inspire academic excellence. Ibstock delivers on results too, with 74.5% of GCSE entries achieving A*- A (Grades 9-7) in 2023.

Music Our School provides an holistic and rigorous grounding in the arts, whether as a performer or a creator. A steady stream of pupils go on to study at prestigious drama schools and music conservatoires, and regularly take up places in national representative ensembles such as the National Youth Theatre, National Youth Music Theatre and National Children’s Orchestra. Equal prominence and prestige are given to rock, pop, contemporary music, and musical theatre as to its classical repertoire. All musical genres are represented in the wide range of co-curricular ensembles and groups and are supported by peripatetic music teachers.

Drama and Dance Weekly Drama lessons incorporate a broad range of practices including mime, improvisation, and script-work, with co-curricular Speech & Drama lessons taught by a visiting specialist LAMDA teacher. We are also committed to supporting those who prefer to be behind the scenes rather than centre stage. Our full-time in-house theatre technicians provide specialist and bespoke learning opportunities in sound engineering, lighting, and stage management for pupils. There is a weekly Theatre Tech club for pupils wishing to learn skills to help showcase our performing artists. After-school Dance classes are offered across a range of styles including street dance, ballet and musical theatre, taught by a team of visiting dance teachers in our bespoke dance studio.

Spectacular music from the start. GOOD SCHOOLS GUIDE 2023

Languages, Debating & Ethics We believe in the art of communication and offer French, Spanish, Mandarin and German as modern foreign language options. Through weekly Ethics, Rhetoric & Debating lessons pupils are taught the building blocks of effective public speaking, such as speech structure, rebuttal and body language. Using formal debating as a platform, contemporary issues in society are explored including politics, philosophy, social justice and environmentalism. Every pupil will have attained a Grade 2 qualification in Public Speaking and Grade 3 in Debating through the English Speaking Board (ESB) by the end of Year 8.

Art, Design & Technology Creativity is inspired through three spacious art studios and three technology workshops, a photography and screen-printing dark room and a kiln room for ceramics. Co-curricular creative clubs include Textiles Club, ‘Open Studios’ and DT club for guided projects such as furniture and jewellery design. Visiting artists are regularly invited to share unusual approaches and techniques with pupils, and pupils gain experience in exhibiting at the Summer Show for GCSE and A-Level. Stunning art from the outset. GOOD SCHOOLS GUIDE 2023

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Our dedicated staff coach over 300 teams in the Senior School and Sixth Form to compete at varying levels, with fixtures held throughout the week and at weekends. All pupils, regardless of ability, take part in House Sport events which encourage teamwork and trying new skills whilst supported by their House. Further recreational sports offered include basketball, volleyball, tennis, health-related fitness, aerobics, climbing, golf, badminton, handball, tag rugby and gymnastics. Athletes with a talent in other fields including equestrian and rowing are also recognised and championed. Sporting activities take place within our spacious on-site sports facilities or in our additional partner facilities a short walk away.

Ibstock offers a broad range of nine different sports played at competitive level: football, netball, hockey, rugby, cricket, swimming, water polo, athletics and cross country running.

2 8 I I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L

I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 2 9

We know that learning experiences don’t always happen in the classroom and offer a broad range of residential trips to suit all tastes. A music trip to Malta, a sports tour to South Africa, a writing retreat inWest Sussex, and a ski trip to Switzerland are just some of the opportunities on offer at Ibstock. Closer to home, we organise regular theatre trips to theWest End, gallery and museum trips and much more. Trips & Visits Range of clubs and societies... mind-boggling. GOOD SCHOOLS GUIDE 2023

Co-Curricular Activities

With over 100 co-curricular clubs and societies taking place over lunchtime or after school, there is something for everyone. From Raspberry Pi and Robotics Club through to Lego Club, Explorers Club and Foreign Film Society. We encourage all pupils to participate in activities outside of the curriculum to expand their experiences, develop their skill sets and have fun with their peers. Our termly 'Try It' Week is the perfect opportunity for pupils to try a new co-curricular club and broaden their horizons.

3 0 I I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L

I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 3 1

Sixth Form Ages 16-18

Endlessly Inspiring The co-educational Sixth Form at Ibstock offers a happy and stimulating environment for learning. With award-winning facilities, dedicated study spaces and a Sixth Form café, Ibstock creates a supportive environment in which pupils can develop their independence. Free from distraction, the beautiful surroundings of our campus environment provide the ideal setting for academic achievement.

United by kindness Our close-knit Sixth Form community has a family feel, with trusting relationships between pupils and staff. Pupils contribute to a range of community and charitable activities throughout their time at Ibstock. Those taking three A-Levels also participate in a specialist local community outreach programme, developing skills in resilience, communication, and teamwork, while providing valuable service to the community. An education for a promising future Careers guidance is continuous throughout each pupil’s Sixth Form career, with a lively careers fair and external speaker series. We support those seeking work experience through our expansive network of alumni and parents. A growing number of pupils are supported in their desire to study internationally through a dedicated tutor, specialising in tests such as the SAT and ACT. An experienced Early Applications and Support Team (EAST) guides and mentors those with their sights set on Oxbridge.

Right from the beginning I was made to feel at home. THEO, NEW TO SIXTH FORM

In addition to their A-Levels, all pupils take the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This standalone qualification is designed to extend and develop pupils’ abilities beyond the A-Level syllabus and prepare for university. It is viewed as highly desirable by universities and is the equivalent to half an A-Level in UCAS points. Higher education In 2023, 95% of entries achieved A-Level grades A*- C and our leavers proceeded to study at some of the world’s finest universities. Our extensive higher education and careers provision ensured that over 90% of pupils went to their preferred choice of university, with over two thirds attending Russell Group institutions.

Champions of co-education

We are pioneers in the field of co education. Our pupils are prepared for life in a society not segregated by gender, where individuality and differences are seen as valuable strengths. We work to develop a dynamic mindset and an agility of thought in our pupils, so they can stay flexible in an ever changing world. A place for the courageous Ibstock’s provision of enriching activities makes our Sixth Form provision first-class. With inter school debating competitions, cookery courses, and a wide range of visits, the opportunities outside of the classroom are varied and adventurous.

3 2 I I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L

I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 3 3

Our Campus Free from distraction, pupils enjoy limitless opportunities for learning, personal growth and discovery, all in one beautifully maintained campus.
















Getting Here For environmental reasons we encourage car sharing, public transport, and walking or cycling to school where possible. There are racks for pupils to use within the School grounds, where bicycles can be locked throughout the day. The School is well-served by public transport, with direct buses from areas including Richmond, Sheen, Hammersmith, Fulham, Putney, Southfields, Clapham and Kingston stopping at Roehampton Lane. Many Senior School pupils arrive by train at Barnes Station. We run a complimentary school minibus shuttle service to and from Barnes railway station every morning, beginning at 7.15am. There is also a return service after school running up until 6.00pm. Through partnership with a private coach company, we offer a pupil transport service in the mornings and afternoons. We currently have four operational routes, serving Shepherds Bush, Twickenham and Kew, Wimbledon and Kingston, and Kensington and Chelsea. There is a charge for this service, and routes are reviewed annually to endeavour to facilitate stops most suitable for the current demand.























flourish An inspiring place to

1 Dance Studio 2 Prep School 3 PrioryWing 4 Theatre 5 Wellbeing Centre 6 Drama Studio 7 Armadillas

8 ClarenceWing 9 Bicycle Park 10 Orchard 11 Pre-Prep School 12 Roberts House 13 Swimming Pool 14 Hardcourt

15 Rose Garden 16 The Innovation Centre 17 The Refectory 18 Terrace

22 ClimbingWall 23 School of Art & Design 24 Multi Use Games Area 25 Forest School

19 Main House 20 Footbridge 21 Sports Hall

26 School of Music 27 Sports Pitches

I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 3 5

3 4 I I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L

n s 23

Ibstock in numbers



of 2023 A-Level entries were graded at A* – C


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books in our library











of 2023 GCSE entries achieved GRADES 9-7 (A*-A)



1,019 PUPILS

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RIBA AWARDS in 2022 for our Refectory

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ART STUDIOS plus a dark room and a kiln room

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PERFORMANCES last academic year, from Kindergarten to Sixth Form


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Brearley, Findlay, Montefiore and Paget









1,000 fixtures annually across 9 different competitive sports

717 holds on the climbing wall



146 1,500 OVER in our beautiful campus

CORE SPORTS played competitively

BEEHIVES producing our Richmond Park honey



to Richmond park (Roehampton Gate)



Senior School RESIDENTIAL TRIPS in 2023

200 OVER participating in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award


served each year



Senior School Sports Teams ranging from A-D in ability

3 6 I I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L

I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 3 7

Scholarships & Bursaries

Admissions Information

We are delighted to launch an expanded range of scholarship awards to external applicants and current pupils. Each award comes with a range of additional benefits for recipients. One of these benefits is a percentage fee remittance for the duration of the recipient’s career at the School.

Click here to view a detailed guide to the admissions process at Ibstock Place School

Pre-Prep and Prep School Our main intakes are at 4+ (Kindergarten) and 7+ (Prep 3) with occasional places available at other entry points. All successful candidates at 7+ will receive guaranteed ‘safe passage’ into our Senior School at 11+ entry. For September 2025 intake, the deadline to register for 4+ (Kindergarten) is Friday 30 August 2024 For 7+ (Prep 3) and occasional places, the deadline to register is Thursday 31 October 2024

Senior School Our main intake into the Senior School is at 11+ with approximately 80 places available to external applicants. A limited number of places are available at 12+, 13+ and 14+ entry. For September 2025 intake, the deadline to register is Thursday 31 October 2024 Sixth Form We welcome applicants to our Sixth Form at 16+ entry.

Achieve Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential for academic excellence. There is no application process. Assessment is based on entrance examinations performance. Richard Hastie-Smith Music Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who demonstrate outstanding musical potential and achievement. Sports Excellence Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who demonstrate outstanding sporting potential and achievement. Expressive Arts Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential in either dance, drama, technical theatre (e.g. set design, costume design, stage management, sound design) fine art or design & technology.

Critical Thinking & Innovation Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential and achievement in either chess, debating or computer programming and coding. Impact Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who have made an outstanding positive contribution to either community engagement, charitable activities or activism. STEM Awards (11+ and 16 + entry points) For applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential in either Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.

For September 2025 intake, the deadline to register is Friday 4 October 2024

Register your child Click here to register your child for a place at Ibstock Place School.

Click on the links below for more information about scholarships, bursaries and tuition fees. Scholarships Fees and Bursaries

3 8 I I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L

I B S T O C K P L A C E S C H O O L I 3 9

Ibstock Place School Clarence Lane, Roehampton, London SW15 5PY Tel: 020 8876 9991 www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk

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